These works consider the instances between happenings; when what has occurred has brought me to a place of moving forward, but I have yet to take a step.  Will these events remain in a constant state or are they on the verge of something drastically different?  What is ambition like in the face of barren landscapes? Is there value in the patient waiting as snow falls and seasons pass?  Could there be something to learn from the quietude found in a soaked corner of a field after rain?

In wonder at these questions, I often paint with thin washes of color, not holding too dearly to each previous layer, unsure as I make my way through the painting much like I do in my life as I continue to come to terms with both how the world is and how I deal with it. As what I have relied upon for so long changes, I search in hopes of finding a stable place to rest.  I want both the form and content of my work to arc toward a metaphor that is more than what is evident in the paintings and prints; not in order to be esoteric, but because the world is so imbued with the poetic that there is no way to avoid using metaphor when dealing with our experiences, interactions, and shortcomings.  It is in this way that I believe I can be both the striving rainbow-house and like the dark void surrounding it.  After realizing this, I have no choice but to do something about it.